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    A complete and uncomplicated answer for recovering data from damaged or corrupted Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010 files.  eRepair Exchange Server is a complete and proficient Exchange Recovery solution. Microsoft Exchange user wanting to secure the possibilities of recovering important contacts, messages, and files in the least time possible after the crash. Get your own Exchange Recovery Tool – NOW.

    Exchange Recovery ToolMicrosoft Exchange Server is the most widely used and efficient communication – an all-in-one suite renowned among the heavy-duty, enterprise-level business software. Aside from its multi-functional messaging functions, Exchange Server also offers wide range of capacities towards facilitating the large-scale work of personnel in diverse business environments.

    However, just like any other software, even how highly protected it is, it depends upon the hardware, which can falter for a number of reasons, from manufacturing defects, damages caused by power shortages or surges, physical and user errors. In all these, files and data saved in your Exchange mailbox folders can be damaged or corrupted. Fortunately, in most cases, corrupted EDB file’s structure can be analyzed and recovered by specialized tools, which can greatly reduce the idle time and allows you to continue working within minutes following the crash.

    Exchange Recovery. Recovery for Exchange. EDB Recovery.

    Recovery for ExchnageeRepair Exchange Server was specially designed to recovery all sorts of Exchange Server files – corrupted and unreadable. Both the Exchange Server 2003 and the latest Exchange Server 2007 and higher are supported by the Exchange Recovery software. The difference lies when Exchange Server 2003 stores data in two types of files, while the newer versions uses only one file type to store users’ data. eRepair Exchange Server  is a very user friendly program designed as Recovery for Exchange Server. You can retrieve your data from corrupted Exchange Server file even without technical knowhow and professional help. A step-by-step EDB Recovery wizard will assist you trough out the Exchange Recovery process. It also allows you to return anytime on the previous sessions if the necessity arises as the Recovery for Exchange tool stores all previously used EDB files inside the source field.

    Recovery Exchange. Exchange Repair. EDB Repair.

    Recovery Exchange. Exchange Repair. EDB Repair.Prior to start Recovery Exchange and EDB Repair the first thing you need to do is specify whether you’re using the Exchange Server file type 2003, 2007 or 2010. Once you have specified the version, you now ready to proceed with the next step of Exchange Repair procedure. Depending on the version of EDB file you specified earlier, you will see either one or two fields. There two ways how you specify the names and paths of files you’ll recover, first, by manually typing the names and path, or second, by using the “Open File” dialog by clicking on the small icon on the right of the input fields. After you have specified the names, press “Next” and the software will now analyze the damaged Exchange database structure. Corrupted Exchange database file will now appear on the screen with the mailboxes, folders and groups. You can browse the Recovery Exchange lists, view messages in folders and save specific items on your hard drive, including email attachments. After you’re done selecting the files for recovery, hit “Next”.

    Exchange Server Recovery. Microsoft Exchange Email Recovery.

    Exchange Server Recovery. Microsoft Exchange Email Recovery.Now, in these Exchange Server Recovery phase you need to specify the destination Microsoft Exchange Email Recovery folder of your recovered Exchange Server data. You can manually enter the name and path of the Exchnage Server Recovery folder or you can use the “Browse” dialog by simply clicking on the small folder icon on the right of the input field. By clicking the “Recover” button, the Exchange Server Recovery process will now commence. The duration of the Microsoft Exchange Email Recovery depends on the size of the file being recovered and the speed of your computer. You can monitor the progress of the Exchange Server Recovery on the screen.

    Exchange Disaster Recovery. Exchange Mail Recovery

    Prior to start the Exchange Disaster Recovery make sure that you have Microsoft Outlook installed to allow you to save and open the recovered *.pst files with Exchange Mail Recovery tool. Demo versions of eRepair Exchange Server are constraint in saving only the first five files in each folder. To disable this limit, you need to purchase the full version license.

    System requirements:

    Microsoft Outlook x32 (98/2000/2002/XP/2003/2007/2010) should be installed on a computer where executed repairing damaged files. The Microsoft Exchange 2007 EDB recovery tool helps you to restore contacts Exchange 2003/2007/2010. We offer “Try-Before-You-Buy” demo versions of eRepair Exchange Server. You can download demo versions for free and try the Microsoft Exchange recovery edb utility before purchasing. Do you have corrupted Exchange Server 2003? – Download and install eRepair Exchange Server NOW!